Conformational analysis of natural products

Coupling constants related to hydroxymethyl conformation

All couplings related to the O5-C5-C6-O6 (ω) torsion in hexopyranoses can be calculated as decribed by Stenutz et al.. θ is the C5-C6-O6-O6H torsion and it is required for the calculation of 1J and 2J values.
A value for θ is required for most coupling calculations. In most cases a value of 60° will give reasonable results since gauche dominates in most derivatives. Notable exceptions are compounds with large substituents at O6, such as glycosyl residues (6-linked disaccharides) or trityl groups.
ω=   θ=  
1JC6,H6R=   1JC6,H6S=
2JC5,H6R=   2JC5,H6S=   2JC6,H5=
3JC4,H6R=   3JC4,H6S=
3JH5,H6R=   3JH5,H6S=

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