The structure and conformation of saccharides determined by experiment and simulation

5. Acknowledgements

I wish to extend my thanks to my colleagues and the staff, both present and former, at the department.
In particular I would like to thank:
  • my supervisor Göran
  • Margaret and Per J. for all those memorable Xmas cheers with potent eggnog
  • Mats and Lennart for dragging me into the field of carbohydrates
  • Perka and Pino for all the help with the manuscript
  • Björn and Bengt for sharing their memories from the good old times
  • Alex and Malin for cheering me up whenever my spirits are low
  • Hasse, Per R. and Uffe for always being late for lunch...

The financial support from C.F. Liljevalch Jr.-s stipendiefond and Nils Löfgrens fond is gratefully acknowledged